Bio Generator

The Bio GEN will dose 16 litres of bacteria a day for LESS than you would normally pay for a litre. The synergy of the concentrated multi strain blend of Bacteria and nutrient added to the breeding vessel enable the bugs to multiply every 20 minutes. Then every 6 hours, 4 litres of the colony forming microbes will be ejected in to the drains ready to digest and dispose of all fats, oils and greases.

This means a reduction in maintenance problems and the need for emptying the grease trap.

For more information on the Bio GEN, download our dedicated PDF below:

Other Products


Presenting the R2-U-BIO. A waterless biological solution to your urinal odour and scale problems. R2-U-BIOís unique biological action destroys odour at itís source, and prevents scale from hardening, therefore preserving your environment WHILST REDUCING YOUR COSTS!


Presenting the biological solution to your urinal odour problems. A special formulation which does not contain paradichlorobenzenes, caustic soda, acid or chlorine. U-BIOís biological and natural action destroys odour at source, prevents scale from hardening and preserves your environment. NEW COMPLETELY DISSOLVING TABLETS.

Control 1

Control 1 was developed to give immediate relief from foul smells. Enzyme action digests organic matter. Safe on most surfaces including fabrics. Non staining. Ideal for removing odours caused as a result from body fluid spillages. Instant odour relief from male urinals. One application per week.

Total Enzyme Drain Unblocker

A safe to use drain unblocker. A concentrated blend of high activity enzymes which rapidly degrades oils, fats, greases and other organic matter which block drains and pipe stacks.

Multi Surface Cleaner

Anglo-Net Multi Surface Cleaner is a concentrated blend of natural microbes and biodegradable cleaners. The specialised surfactants have the ability to provide excellent general surface cleaning on both hard and soft surfaces. In addition, the microbes in the Multi Surface Cleaner will penetrate the surface and go to work where normal cleaning products cannot reach, and will eliminate odours.

Grease Gobbler Bio Block

The Bio Block is a controlled release system containing a specially selected blend of non toxic natural microbes. Contains 10 strains of bacteria. These digest oils, fats, greases and other organic matter in wet wells, grease traps and other low oxygen situations.